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North Carolina

State Home Page

North Carolina Home Page

Governor's Home Page

The North Carolina Governor does not maintain a separate web site.

Department of Revenue

Muriel K. Offerman, Secretary
501 N. Wilmington Street
P.O. Box 25000
Raleigh, North Carolina 27640

The official web site of the Department of Revenue contains limited tax information on personal and business taxes consisting merely of the names and addresses of administrative personnel.

The North Carolina Department of Commerce web site includes additional information concerning North Carolina state taxes. Among the information presented on the Department of Commerce web site is a slide presentation of the William S. Lee Quality Jobs and Business Expansion Act, which discusses planned reductions in the North Carolina Corporate Income Tax and other selected tax reductions.

Tax forms: The following 1997 tax forms are available from the Department of Revenue web site:

Form D-400 Form D-400 EZ
Tax Credits (Form D-400 TC) Tax Table

Taxpayers may order tax forms by calling (919) 715-0397.


The North Carolina General Assembly web site includes the following information about proposed legislation:

Bill Search 1995-96 Bill Search
Bills Eligible for Consideration During the 1998 Short Session General Statutes and Session Laws Affected by 1997 Ratified Bills
Bills by County Bills Introduced by Members
Bill History Reports Bill Status Reports
Bills by Committee Fiscal Information
Bills Ratified Presented to Governor Enacted into Law History of Votes
Glossary of Bill Status Abbreviations Bill Status Report Codes

Bill text: To obtain the text of bills, access the Assembly's ftp server. Log in as Anonymous and send your username as your password. The bills are located in the bill_info directory under House or Senate. The bills can be found in Word Perfect 5.0 and MEC Mass 11 format. Please refer to the README.TXT files at the ftp site for additional information.

Judicial Information

Opinions from the North Carolina Supreme Court are available over the Internet. Decisions from the North Carolina Court of Appeals are also available.

The North Carolina Supreme Court also maintains an electronic BBS at (919) 733-0486.


The text of North Carolina state statutes do not appear to be currently available from the Internet. However, they are expected to be available from the General Assembly's web site during January 1998.

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